Starter Characters

You can find finished Level 1 characters here, allowing you to jump into the game quickly. These are great for beginners. The builds are explained and have examples for Level 2 and Level 3. This page includes exporter character sheets that can be imported into the online character sheet.

Absolute Beginner

Complexity 1

Axe-Wielding Barbarian

The Axe-wielding barbarian is an aggressive build that rushes toward his enemies to crush them with his greataxe. They are tough and simple to use.

Stats Value
Strength 13
Dexterity 13
Constitution 13
Intelligence 8
Charisma 8
Instinct 12
Will 10
Archetype War
Sub-Archetype Rusher
Primary Stat Strength
Secondary Stat Constitution
Evasion Stat Strength

Skill Levels: Athletics 2, Endurance 2, Menace 2, Perseverance 1, Raw Force 3, Stealth 1, Survival 1

Path: Path of Attack

Lesser Talents: Raw Force Adept, Two-Handed Attacker, Durable

Abilities: Cleave, Resist

Weapons: Greataxe, Heavy Throwing Weapon

Armor: Medium Armor

Use the Rush Attack feature to close in on your enemies and hit them hard with your greataxe. The Lesser Talent Two-Handed Attacker allows for reliable damage, Raw Force allows you to wield your weapons using only your Strength Stat, and Durable increases your Vitality, which helps you stay longer in the fight.

Your Ability Cleave is great if you are surrounded, and Resist is a great defensive option to survive heavy damage.

The Greataxe is the Barbarian’s main weapon and source of damage. The Heavy Throwing Weapon is a backup weapon if you cannot reach your enemies with the greataxe. Since it is only one-handed, you can draw it with a free Switch Weapons action by holding the great axe with only one hand. This allows you to react quickly to changes on the battlefield. Your Medium Armor gives you a balance between Evasion and Armor.

Level 2: +1 Instinct, +1 Endurance, Ability Physical Strike, Greater Talent Beyond Human (Strength)

The Greater Talent Beyond Human synergizes with the Lesser Talent Raw Force Adept, basically doubling the bonus it gives to your weapons. The Ability Physical Strike allows you to deal heavy damage with your weapons. Use it on strong foes to end them quickly.

Level 3: +1 Strength, +1 Raw Force, +1 Endurance, Lesser Talent Bolstered Weapon

The Lesser Talent Bolstered Weapon increases your Weapon Damage. It is simple and effective. Increase the damage of your main attack by 50% with the Path of Attack. Your Made for the Charge feature increases your mobility and makes it even harder for enemies to get away from your Rush Attack.


The Pyromancer bombarded their enemies with fire, burning them to a crisp. They can deal a lot of heat damage and are a classical caster glass canon type.

Stats Value
Strength 9
Dexterity 11
Constitution 9
Intelligence 13
Charisma 12
Instinct 10
Will 13
Archetype Mental
Sub-Archetype Evoker
Primary Stat Intelligence
Secondary Stat Will
Evasion Stat Intelligence

Skill Levels: Analysis 2, History 2, Improvisation 2, Intuition 2, Natural Science 2, Persuasion 2, Presence 2, Quick Fingers 3, Supernatural 3

Path: Path of Damage (Elemental Bolt (Heat))

Lesser Talents: Elemental Expert (Heat)

Abilities: Elemental Bolt (Heat), Heat Eruption, Manipulate Fire, Elemental Rebuke (Heat)

Weapons: None

Armor: Clothes

Your Tracking Fire Feature allows for reliable damage even if you miss with your Abilities. The Lesser Talent Elemental Expert allows you to better damage creatures that are resistant or even immune to Heat damage. The Path of Damage allows you to have a backup attack if you run out of WP or just want to use it sparingly. Your Mental Recharge feature makes Stimulants far more effective. Remember to buy or craft some so that can keep on blasting.

Your Ability Elemental Bolt is great for dealing damage to enemies from the distance, Heat Eruption is good against groups of enemies, Manipulate Fire is great to get a fire under control and can be used creatively for roleplay, and Elemental Rebuke is a good deterrent against enemies that like to target you.

The Pyromancer’s high Intelligence Stat grants them a lot of Skill Points. They have an array of mental Skills that can be useful outside of combat. You can use Supernatural to craft Stimulants.

Level 2: +1 Instinct, +1 Analysis, Abilities Elemental Touch (Heat), Elemental Bane, Greater Talent Advanced Heat Damage

The Greater Talent Advanced Heat Damage allows you to give anything you target with Heat damage the Status Effect Burning, which allows for additional damage over time. The Ability Elemental Touch is a good emergency option if an enemy gets too close. Elemental Bane allows for even more Heat damage, and in combination with the Lesser Talent Elemental Expert, it allows you to completely ignore the immunity of creatures against Heat damage.

Level 3: +1 Intelligence, +1 Analysis, +1 Natural Science, +1 Supernatural, Abilities Elemental Explosion (Heat), Immolation, Lesser Talent Will to Act

The Ability Elemental Explosion allows you to cover a huge area and burn down hordes of enemies. Immolation combines with the Greater Talent Advanced Heat damage. First, you light them up with Elemental Bolt and then deal heavy damage with Immolation. The Lesser Talent Will to Act gives you more WP, allowing you to spend it more freely. Your Precision and Power feature increases your damage if you hit your targets and increases your precision if you miss them.

Complexity 2


The Assassin is not above fighting dirty, striking from the shadows for heavy single target crit damage.

Stats Value
Strength 10
Dexterity 13
Constitution 9
Intelligence 13
Charisma 12
Instinct 12
Will 9
Archetype Cunning
Sub-Archetype Rogue
Primary Stat Dexterity
Secondary Stat Intelligence
Evasion Stat Intelligence

Skill Levels: Deception 2, Disguising 2, Improvisation 3, Luck 3, Nimbleness 3, Perception 1, Psychology 1, Quick Fingers 3, Stealth 3, Street Smarts 2

Path: Path of Attack

Lesser Talent: Dirty Fighter

Abilities: Assassination Strike, Smoke Grenade, Thermal Vision

Weapons: Dagger, Light Throwing Weapon

Armor: Light Armor

With the help of the Lesser Talent Dirty Fighter, you can take the Hide and Blind action with just 1 AP. This allows you to gain easy access to advantage on your attacks. This combines greatly with the Decisive Strike feature that allows you to deal more damage when you have advantage on an attack. The Cunning Skill feature makes it even more likely that you can succeed with those actions by improving your Skill Checks.

The Ability Assassination Strike allows you to deal massive crit damage when attacking while being hidden. Smoke Grenade allows you to blind enemies and hide right in front of them. Use Thermal Vision to be able to see through your own Smoke Grenades.

You have a Dagger and a Light Throwing Weapon. You can hold them both at the same time, so you can always just switch between melee and ranged combat. You wear light armor having a greater focus on Evasion than Armor.

Level 2: +1 Instinct, +1 Street Smarts, Ability Feint, Greater Talent Multi-Sub-Archetype 1 (Ninja)

The Moving through Shadows feature that you gain from the Ninja Sub-Archetype allows you to move far more effectively in darkness by increasing your speed and allowing you to see in it. The Ability Feint is another great source of gaining advantage on your attacks.

Level 3: +1 Dexterity, +1 Stealth, +1 Quick Fingers, Ability Snake Spirit, Lesser Talent Stealth Adept

The Lesser Talent Stealth Adept allows you to deal even more damage when you are hidden. The Ability Snake Spirit increases your crit chance and allows you to deal additional Poison damage that can help bypass a target’s armor. It is simple and effective. Increase the damage of your main attack by 50% with the Path of Attack. Your Before You Know feature allows for a devastating first round that guarantees critical hits if you have advantage on your attacks.

Giant-Sword Berserker

The Giant-Sword Berserker is an extremely aggressive frontline fighter that wields two huge swords. The more creatures attack them, the stronger they get for a nigh suicidal high-risk, high-reward playstyle.

Stats Value
Strength 13
Dexterity 13
Constitution 13
Intelligence 9
Charisma 9
Instinct 10
Will 10
Archetype Bulwark
Sub-Archetype Retaliator
Primary Stat Constitution
Secondary Stat Strength
Evasion Stat Strength

Skill Levels: Athletics 3, Endurance 2, Menace 2, Nimbleness 2, Raw Force 3, Stealth 1

Path: Path of Attack

Lesser Talents: Multi Wielder, Immense Grip, More of the Same

Traits: Lesser Talent x2, No Greater Talent

Abilities: Armor Piercer, Charge, Taunting Attack, Cleave, Counter

Weapons: Two-Handed Sword x 2, Mini Ballista

Armor: Medium Armor

The Payback increases the damage that you can deal whenever somebody targets you with a negative effect. Try to run into the enemies to become the obvious target. You can wield two two-handed swords simultaneously with the Lesser Talents Multi Wielder and Immense Grip for very high melee damage. The Lesser Talent More of the Same increases your strategic options by giving you more Abilities.

You can shred through enemy armor with the Ability Armor Piercer. Charge helps you to close the gap between you and your targets. Taunting attack helps you to disincentive your enemies from attacking anybody other than yourself. Your Ability Cleave is great if you are surrounded. Counter allows you to turn any attack that misses you into additional damage.

As already stated, you wield two two-handed swords. They both have the neutral upgrade Unorthodox Balance to make Strength into their Primary Stat. This helps you sell the Fantasy that these are some chunky heavy swords. You have a Mini Ballista if any coward dares not to confront you in close combat. Your Medium Armor gives you a balance between Evasion and Armor, which both are bosted by your Bulwark’s Defense.

Level 2: +1 Instinct, +1 Menace, Ability Battle Rage, Greater Talent None

You do not gain a Greater Talent at this Level because of the Trait No Greater Talent. This is the price you have to pay to wield two two-handed weapons at Level 1. The Ability Battle Rage allows you to further increase your offensive and defensive capabilities for a short time to live out your reckless fighter fantasy fully.

Level 3: +1 Strength, +1 Raw Force, +1 Endurance, Ability Physical Rebuke, Lesser Talent Attack of Opportunity

The Lesser Talent Attack of Opportunity allows you to punish honorless fools that dare run away from an honorable fight or, even worse, just ignore you and try to run past you. Increase the damage of your second attack by 50% with the Path of Attack to have two weapon attacks that deal full damage. Your Countering Rebuke feature not only allows you to learn the Ability Physical Rebuke for anybody that dares attack you from afar but also allows you to use that Ability and Counter, whether you are hit or not.

Complexity 3

Complexity 4