Ishanekon: World Shapers

The main image with the title: Ishanekon engraved on a golden sword with a red child and under it World Shapers. Behind that, we have seven characters, each representing a different color of the rainbow. From left to right: Green, a world war II soldier. Yellow, an Asian monk channeling lighting. Organe: A elf wielding a magic stave with an orange crystal. Red: Blaze Reason, the author of this game, wearing a crimson plate armor with a golden sword in one hand and a shield in the other. Purple, a goth guitarist with glowing tattoos. Blue: A superhero with a P on her chest. Tozurcuese: A alien with a cowboy hat and a pistol with holograms.

Hi there, and welcome to the official Ishanekon: World Shapers website.

Ishanekon: World Shapers is a 100% free tabletop roleplaying game. It can be applied to any setting, especially after applying alternative rules. It has an incredible amount of customization with over 800 Abilities, hundreds of Talents and Traits, and 10 Archetypes with 14 Sub-Archetypes each for a total of 140 Sub-Archetypes that can be freely combined to make just the character that you want to build. Ishanekon: World Shapers has enough customizability and complexity for the most dedicated power gamer and enough freedom to give even the most creative role-players the tools they need to get the right flavor for their character.

The sheer number of features might be overwhelming. Do not fret, dear visitor, as every Ability, Talent, Upgrade, and Sub-Archetype comes with a complexity of 1 (simple to understand) to 4 (only recommended for experienced Players or very specific builds). Feel free to adjust the complexity to a level you feel comfortable with while browsing them.

You can start your Ishanekon: World Shapers journey by taking a look at the core rules, or if you are less experienced with Table Top Roleplaying games, you can also start with the beginner introduction, which is a more compressed version of the rules and goes over some basics. You can also find a character creation guide here if you are a player and need nothing more than to create a level 1 character quickly. See also the leveling guide if you need a higher-level character.

Become part of our community and join our Discord Server ( Take an active role in the development of Ishanekon: World Shapers, ask your questions, or just chill with us and hang out.

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