Here, you will find lists of the many different aspects of Ishanekon: World Shapers, like Archetypes, Abilities, features, and items.

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This is an overview of all ten Archetypes and all of their Sub-Archetypes. It contains some basic filter options at the top.

Archetype Overview

You can find more details about each Archetype and its Sub-Archetypes on their individual pages.

Bulwark, Creative, Cunning, Demolition, Mental, Nature, Reality, Technology, Unarmed, War

Abilities and Features

Here, you can find search engines for all Abilities and features, like Paths, Talents, and Traits. They contain extensive search and filter options.

Paths, Abilities, Lesser Talents, Greater Talents, Traits


This search engine contains all items that you can add to your inventory, like weapons, armor, equipment, bags, Ability consumables and items, and stimulants.


It also contains an overview of all armor and weapons and a search engine for upgrades.

Weapons and Armor, Upgrades


Here is a list of all premade creatures that GM can use for their games, as well as some options for Summon and Transform Abilities. All of them have adjustable levels from 0 to 15 and can have items of Tier 0 to 6.



Other contains a List of all Status Effects and of all buildings.

Status Effects, Buildings