Patch Notes

2.1.0 (30.04.2024)

2.0.3 (04.04.2024)

  • One new Greater Talent: Parasitic Spread.
  • One new Lesser Talent: Lucky Streak.
  • One new trait: Swimmer.
  • Old Connections is now a Trait instead of a Lesser Talent.
  • The Greater Talents Bullet Spray and Charged Swing now allow Maneuver Abilities to be used with the area-of-effect attack they grant.
  • The Patch Up feature of the Field Medic now heals an additional 2d8 Vitality.
  • The Defensive Stance feature of the Blocker now gives you the option to increase your DRs and the Defending Shield now boosts either your Evasion, DRs, or Armor by 3 or all of them by 1.
  • The Ability Evil Spirit now only grants you 1d10 Vitality once per turn.

2.0.2 (23.03.2024)

2.0.1 (03.03.2024)

  • The Greater Talent Over Aim now halves the crit damage.
  • The upgrades Critical Ability and Critical Weapon are now Tier 2 upgrades.
  • The Skill Master Greater Talents now only require a Skill Level of 3 in their corresponding Skill instead of 4.
  • The Greater Talent Hard Hitting now only affects weapon attacks.

2.0.0 (25.01.2024)

1.8.1 (05.11.2023)

1.8.0 (21.10.2023)

1.7.1 (13.10.2023)

1.7.0 (06.10.2023)

1.6.4 (29.09.2023)

  • Four new Abilities: Flash Heal, Flash Heal Material, Flash Heal Spirit, and Flash Heal Undead.
  • The Blast Gunner feature Barrage Expert now also has the option to learn the Ability Explosive Rounds.
  • The Whirlwind feature Cleaving Whirlwind now also has the option to learn the Abilities Meteor Attack and Seismic Attack.
  • The Healer feature For You and Me now also allows one to recover Temporary Vitality.
  • The Polymorpher feature Multifaceted Power now allows one to keep all Lesser Talents, Greater Talents, and Sub-Archetype features.
  • The Druid feature Tides of the World now only increases the cost of enrolling the d6 to 5 instead of 7.
  • The Co-Narrator feature Plot Knowledge can now be used a number of times equal to your Primary Stat Bonus per full rest instead of just equal to your Tier.
  • The Armorer feature Kinetic Armor Charge now allows one to increase their Evasion, Armor, and DRs by 1 instead of just one of them.
  • The Ability Swallow now only deals 2d6 damage, and the damage upcast now costs 2 WP.
  • The Enhanced by Lesser Talents now cost twice as much WP if used with a Manouver Ability that is used on Weapon attacks.

1.6.3 (23.09.2023)

1.6.2 (03.09.2023)

1.6.1 (27.08.2023)

1.6.0 (15.08.2023)

1.5.1 (02.08.2023)

1.5.0 (25.07.2023)

1.4.3 (30.06.2023)

1.4.2 (13.05.2023)

1.4.1 (01.04.2023)

1.4.0 (25.02.2023)

1.3.0 (01.02.2023)

This update is mostly focused on expanding options for crafting and making it more exciting.

1.2.3 (22.01.2023)

1.2.2 (06.01.2023)

I want to thank Gold Zephzellian. The new Abilities were his idea, and he helped find many mistakes in different features that have been corrected in this patch.

  • Two new Abilities: Sustained Fire and Sustained Onslaught.
  • The Tinkerer can now craft any Ability Item and Ability Consumable from the pool of Utility Abilities that they can learn.
  • The Demolition Archetype can now choose Strength and Dexterity as their Primary Stat and Will as their Secondary Stat.
  • The Path of Maneuver now only applies their bonuses on attacks made with the Attack action.
  • The range of the healing action that the Healing Flow Abilities grant can now be increased by Abilities, upgrades, and features that increase the range of your Abilities.
  • The Greater Talents Kinetic Charge, Quick as Lightning, and Running Momentum now take into account how much you have moved and have been moved during the entire round instead of just your turn.

1.2.1 (07.12.2022)

  • Abilities can now also be filtered by character role.
  • Shields now increase the WP cost of Non-Manouver Abilities by 1 WP instead of the earlier subtraction to damage, healing, and DR Power. The Lesser Talent Shield Mage has been reworked correspondingly.
  • Two new Abilities: Mental Rage and Mental Frenzy.
  • Two new Greater Talents: Second Phase and Ultimate Transformation.
  • One new Lesser Talent: Surprising Speed.
  • One new Trait: Lack of Control.
  • Almost all weapon attack Maneuver Abilities now have the option to upcast them for 1 WP to increase the attack roll by 1.
  • The Ability Precision Attack now increases attack rolls by 3 instead of 1 to elevate it more from the other weapon attack Maneuver Abilities.
  • You can now apply the effects of the Leaders Aura of the Leader Sub-Archetype at the start or end of your turn.
  • The Controller Sub-Archetype has been reworked and has more options.
  • The Greater Talent Rushing Advantage has been reworked. It now affects your entire turn but can only be used a number of times equal to your Primary Stat Bonus per full rest.

1.2.0 (01.11.2022)

I want to thank The Able Lexi for helping me with the Infector.

1.1.0 (25.10.2022)

I want to thank Tavern Stories for inspiring this patch and allowing me to borrow ideas from him.

1.0.4 (05.10.2022)

1.0.3 (25.09.2022)

1.0.2 (22.09.2022)

  • The online character sheet and creature builder have been expanded and now include an option to increase the number of stackable Talents and Traits instead of having to add them multiple times. They now also include text input slots for Talents and Traits with a more open choice, like My only Weakness or Specialized Camouflage.
  • The first Boss creature Elder Fire Dragon has been added to the creature search engine.
  • We have three new Lesser Talents: Air Walker, Deadly Grip, and Enhanced by Damage.
  • We have three new Abilities: Spider Step, Floating, and Greater Supernatural Step.
  • The Trait Stationary is now called Immobile, and a new Trait called Stationary has been added.
  • The Lesser Tallent Far Shot now gives +10 m to the effective range and +20 m to the ineffective range of ranged weapons instead of making the effective range equal to the ineffective range and doubling the ineffective range.
  • The upgrade Extended Range now gives +5 m to the effective range and +10 m to the ineffective range of ranged weapons instead of +5 m to the effective range and +10 m to the ineffective range
  • The Greater Talent Advanced Holy Damage can now regenerate Vitality or Temporary Vitality instead of just Vitality.
  • The Greater Talent Advanced Spirit Damage can now increase your Evasion, Armor, or DRs by 3 instead of your Evasion and DRs by an amount equal to the Tier of the used Ability.

1.0.1 (10.09.2022)

1.0.0 (06.09.2022)

The official 1.0.0 release.