This Guide should help you whenever you want to level your character. You need to take the following steps (You can find an overview of what you gain with every Level in the character rules):

  1. Level: Let us start with the basics and adjust your Level. You can find it on the Level Up page. This will recalculate your max Vitality and WP, your Tier, and more.
  2. Stat Increase: Increase one of your Stats by one (on the Level Up page). Remember that your Stats cannot go beyond 12 + your Tier.
  3. Skill Point: Increase one of your Skill Levels by one (on the Level Up page). You gain an additional Skill Point should you have chosen Intelligence in Step 2 and if you reach a new Tier. Remember that your Skill Level cannot go beyond 2 + your Tier.
  4. New Abilities: Depending on your Archetype, you can learn one or two new Abilities (add them in Abilities). Bulwark and War only learn one Ability at each even Level. Cunning, Demolition, Nature, Technology, and Unarmed learn one Ability at each Level. Mental, Creative, and Reality learn two Abilities per Level.
    You can also exchange old Abilities with new ones. The number of exchanges cannot exceed the number of new Abilities you learn, but you can always exchange at least one.
  5. New Talent: You gain a new Talent (add them in Features). You get a Lesser Talent on an uneven Level and a Greater Talent on an even Level.
  6. New Sub-Archetype Feature: You gain a new Sub-Archetype feature whenever you reach a new Tier until Level 12. This is automatically added to the online character sheet (see Features).
  7. Path Choices: Some Paths force you to make a choice whenever you reach a new Tier (see Features). The Path of Attack lets you choose if you want an additional attack for your Attack action or if you want to increase the damage of one of your attacks, for example. Make sure to check your Path and make a choice if necessary.