The Bulwark Archetype is a paragon of physical and defensive presence. No other Archetype can compete with their pure defense, be it in protecting themselves or others. They tend to be in the middle of the action and profit the most if they are the focus of their enemies. They are also experts in controlling the battlefield with their pure, physical presence.
The Bulwark Archetype represents noble knights, tenacious barbarians, soldiers in power armor, and other highly durable fighters.

The symbol of the Bulwark Archetype: A brown shield.
Sub-Archetype Complexity Roles Description


The Creative Archetype is graceful, creative, and a jack of all trades. They use their charisma to manipulate their foes and strengthen their allies. Their creativity allows them to adapt to every role. Their flexibility is only enhanced by their Archetype feature that allows them to learn Abilities from any Archetype.
The Social Archetype represents magical bards, talented adepts of any form of artistic expression, charming swashbucklers, and others who are determined to pursue their art.

The symbol of the Creative Archetype: A pink brush.
Sub-Archetype Complexity Roles Description


The Cunning Archetype prefers to fight smart instead of hard and has a great number of skills that help them ensure success in and outside of combat. They are not afraid of fighting dirty, be it by using hit-and-run tactics, attacking from the shadows, or striking at weak points. They may lack the defensive capabilities of other weapon-focused Archetypes, but who needs to be tough when the enemy falls before they even register that there was a fight?
The Cunning Archetype represents secret agents, intelligent spies, charming rogues, and others who find victory outside of open combat.

The symbol of the Cunning Archetype: A dark grey dagger.
Sub-Archetype Complexity Roles Description


The Demolition Archetype is good at one thing and one thing only: affecting the highest number of targets possible. This does not only mean blowing hoards of enemies up with raw damage but also taking control of the battlefield with all kinds of area-of-effect blights or even buffing and healing your whole party at once. They are surprisingly flexible in the kind of role that they can take, but one thing is sure: The more targets they have, the more effective they become.
The Demolition Archetype represents Soldiers with grenade- and rocket launchers, highly destructive mages, wielders of all-encompassing light, and others that target many creatures at once.

The symbol of the Demolition Archetype: A orange bomb.
Sub-Archetype Complexity Roles Description


The Mental Archetype does not rely on the power of their body but instead focuses on the strength of their mind. They rely mostly on Abilities of all kinds and are the traditional casters in all their forms, be they damage dealers, healers, conjurers, or support.
The Mental Archetype represents mighty wizards and sorcerers, mad scientists with experimental tech, psychics who dominate others with their minds, and others who rely on their intelligence, charisma, or instinct to harness incredible power.

The symbol of the Mental Archetype: A blue brain.
Sub-Archetype Complexity Roles Description


The Nature Archetype relies on their instinct and their knowledge of and power over nature. They are resourceful and adaptable, like the ecosystems that they represent. They excel at hunting down their prey, surviving in the wild, and harnessing the energy of the world.
The Nature Archetype represents rangers who protect the wilds, masterful hunters, wise shamans, and others who have a strong connection to the natural world and the elements.

The symbol of the Mental Archetype: A green leaf.
Sub-Archetype Complexity Roles Description


The Reality Archetype does not just have power over the world but over the fabric of reality itself. They can bend the space-time continuum, see through time and space and sometimes even break the fourth wall. They lack Skill, Weapons, and Armor, but make up for it by wielding the power to reform existence itself.
The Reality Archetype represents reality warpers, creatures that operate on cartoon logic, trickster gods, and others that ignore or reform the rules of the universe.

The symbol of the Reality Archetype: A violet earth broken in half.
Sub-Archetype Complexity Roles Description


The Technology Archetype is driven by innovation, be it through machinery, computers, or magic. They are the best crafters and often rely on a variety of self-build companions and items. They are flexible in their approach and, depending on which technology they use, can adapt to a variety of roles.
The Technology Archetype represents master artificers, robot-assisted engineers, vehicle specialists, and others who push toward new horizons by upgrading anything that can be upgraded.

The symbol of the Technology Archetype: Three grey gears.
Sub-Archetype Complexity Roles Description


The Unarmed Archetype represents those who hone their bodies and form them into weapons. Be it through brute force, quick technique, or channeling their inner self, they are a force to be reckoned with. They excel at unarmed combat but can also effectively use weapons. Their training allows them to use unorthodox fighting styles that rely more on their mind than their body.
The Unarmed Archetype represents wise warrior monks, brawling brutes, determined athletes, and others who push their body and mind to new heights.

The symbol of the Unarmed Archetype: A yellow fist.
Sub-Archetype Complexity Roles Description


The War Archetype is a ruthless and efficient wielder of any weapon. They excel at all forms of battle and conflict, having what it takes to dish out as much pain as they can endure. You can find them in close combat or attacking from a distance. Most of them are effective damage dealers who have enough defensive capabilities that they can afford to take more risks and fight aggressively.
The War Archetype represents vicious warriors, battle-hardened soldiers, skilled archers, and others who wield weapons with determination in battle.

The symbol of the War Archetype: A red sword.
Sub-Archetype Complexity Roles Description