Thank You

I want to thank Lino Deppe for being the first to dive into IWS and giving me valuable feedback and ideas.

I want to thank Gold Zephzellian for his passion and dedication to IWS and the creation of many starter characters and creatures.

I also want to thank Desisslava and Annekatrin Hagel-Papadoudis for the art they contributed to this website. Annekatrin painted the main page art, the main logo, and the Archetype logos. Desisslava painted everything else.

I want to thank Andy Baily, zarv, Issra Njah, and Waltraud for their help with the development of this website. 

Finally, I want to thank my sister Andrea Luyken for helping me with various things, including marketing, wording, and voice-overs.

Thank you also to my supporters on Ko-Fi:

EmblemTrove Designs, and Gold Zephzellian