Character Creation

This is a guide for creating a Level 1 Character step by step.

  1. Think of your Flavor (Optional): IWS encourages you to create your own flavor. Therefore, my recommendation is to create your character in your mind and then build your character to represent that image in the game rules. You can, of course, choose the power gamer route and think of the flavor after you build your character.
  2. Get the Character Sheet: Start by opening the Online Character Sheet or getting a copy of the empty character sheet that you find under Excel and PDF Character Sheets and fill it out while taking the next steps.
  3. Choose your Archetype and Sub-Archetype: This is one of your most important choices, and it will determine a lot of the core features that you will be using. You can find them under Archetypes. Fill out the following information when you make your choice:
    – Write your Archetype and Sub-Archetype down. You can find it in the Stat Calculator in the Online Character Sheet or the upper left corner of the main page of your excel character sheet.
    – (Only necessary in Excel) Fill the Modifier of your Vitality and Willpower, which you will find in the Stat Distributer of your character sheet under Points Left and right of the Skills.
    – (Only necessary in Excel) Write down the number of Skill Points you get on the Stat Distributer of your Character Sheet in the top right corner
    – (Only necessary in Excel) Write down your Armor and Weapon Proficiencies on the main tab (right of Stats, under Narrative Momentum, left of equipped armor and shield, above Primary Stat)
    – Set your Evasion Stat in the Stat Distributer or on the Main Page of your Excel (Green area right of the Skills). You choose one if your Archetype gives you multiple choices. Make sure to write it down correctly in Excel, or the character sheet will not calculate your Evasion accurately. I usually copy it from the stats on the top left corner to be sure.
    – Set your Primary and Secondary Stat in the Stat Distributer or on the Main Page of your Excel (grey area right of Skills). You choose one if your Archetype gives you multiple choices. I recommend one of the following if you cannot decide: Think either of your character’s flavor and what would be the best fit or look at the weapons that you want to wield and choose one that you would need for it.
    – (Only necessary in Excel) Copy the Archetype Feature into the Features table (gray) in the Features tab.
    – (Only necessary in Excel) Copy your first Sub-Archetype Feature (which can be found on the page of each Archetype) into the Features table.
  4. Choose your Traits (Optional, Only add Traits to your character if you have the explicit permission of your GM!!!): You can further customize your Character with Traits should you not be satisfied with a normal humanoid. This allows you to make all kinds of weird combinations, like a robot with three arms, a dragon, or a dog. Each Trait has a Point value, and the sum of all points should be 0 at the end. Your GM can be, of course, generous and allow a higher point sum. Add the Traits in the Feature page or copy your Traits into the Traits table (black) under Features in your Excel once you have chosen them.
  5. Choose your Path: Your Path decides which core feature your Character revolves around. Does your Character primarily attack with weapons? Then the Path of Attack is basically necessary. Do you mostly use offensive abilities? Choose the Path of Damage and so on and so on. Once you have chosen your Path, pick the correct one on the Features page or copy it into the Path table (orange) in the Feature tab in Excel.
  6. Choose your Stats: Go to the Stat Calculator page (online) or the Stat Distributor tab (excel) and choose how you want to distribute your Stats. You have 27 Points that you can distribute to your different Stats. The minimum is 7, and the maximum is 13. You can see how many points are left under “Points Left”.
  7. Choose your Skills (and languages): You can now choose your Skill levels in the Stat Calculator page (online) or the Stat Distributor tab (excel) until you have no Skill points left (can be seen in “Points Left”). The max is 3. You also learn two languages. Remember that you can learn more than two languages by investing a Skill Points. Do not forget to reduce the Skill Point modifier by 1 for each additional language.
  8. Choose a lesser Talent: You can find Lesser Talents here. Choose one and add it to your Feature page (online) or in the Lesser Talents table (blue) in your Features Tab (excel). Remember that you can filter them with the Beginner tag if you are overwhelmed by the options. That way, you can look at the core Lesser Talents.
  9. Choose your Abilities: You can find Abilities here. The amount of Abilities that you gain depends on your Archetype. It should be either 2 (Bulwark, War), 3 (Cunning, Demolition, Nature, Technology, Unarmed), or 4 (Creative, Mental, Reality). You can only choose Abilities of Tier 1. Do not forget to filter them so that only the ones your Archetype can learn are shown to make it easier for you. You can add them to the Ability page/tab once you made your choice.
  10.  Choose your Equipment: You can find all armor and weapons here and items here. I recommend 1 Equipment, 1 Bag, 1 Armor or Clothes, and any combination of up to three weapons and/or shields. Your GM can, of course, decide otherwise. Add all your items on the Inventory page (online) or write them down (including armor and weapons) in your Inventory Table (yellow, in Inventory Tab if using print version) on the main tab, including their weight (excel). (Only necessary in Excel) After that, write down your weapons in the Weapons table (orange), including their Primary and Secondary Stat, the dice that they use, and any extras like additional properties (for example, two-handed, reload, or heavy). (Only necessary in Excel) Write also your armor and shield down right under the Weapons table (blue), including the Armor or Evasion bonus that they provide and their evasion cap. I also recommend starting with 300 Credits. Do not forget to equip your Armor in the online Character Sheet.

Congratulations! Your Character is finished. Everything else should be calculated automatically. Always remember to keep in mind that some features can change a few things, so read them before each step. The War Archetype feature, for example, gives you two additional Lesser Talents, and there are many features that can change the number of your Skill Points, Vitality, Willpower, Stats, Abilities, and more. I hope you have fun with your character.